the "Merc"

The Jewell City Mercantile, affectionately called the "Merc", was a four year dream of Randall Farmers Coop Union Management brought to life in 2019.  While the purpose of every store is to make a profit, our primary goal with the "Merc" is to serve the convenient store needs of our local residents and visitors first.  Located at 213 E. Main St in Jewell, the store offers the same items one would find at any other convenient store such as candy bars and sodas, as well as "cooked to order" hamburgers Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Tacos and Taco Burgers on Tuesdays.  We also offer pizza by the slice and fresh doughnuts.

Far from home and in need of a quick lunch or even a simple "pick-me-up"?  Stop in and let us serve you in a friendly home town atmosphere.

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Randall Farmers Coop Union is a proud part owner of AgMark, LLC. AgMark provides Randall Farmers Coop and others with grain merchandising, current market bids, and a host of other services.  Please visit their website for more information.

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