Bulk Fuel / Service Station Services

Randall Farmers Coop Union has two service stations to serve our customer needs located at 202 2nd St in Randall and 210 Main St in Jewell.  From oil changes to new tires and most things in between, the service stations are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.  Saturday services are by appointment only during the winter months and can be scheduled by calling 785-739-2314 in Randall and 785-428-3328 in Jewell.  The service stations proudly offer Cenex fuel.  Premium Unleaded is available at Randall. 

Bulk Fuel delivery is available for Ethanol, Road Diesel, and Farm Diesel.  For pricing and delivery, please call Jerrad at 785-614-4104.  For Fuel Contracting, please call Kris at 785-569-1055.

Call Carla at 785-428-3444 and ask about our Fuel Loyalty Cards - You can save  3 cents per gallon with each fuel purchase!!!

Randall Farmers Coop Union is a proud part owner of AgMark, LLC. AgMark provides Randall Farmers Coop and others with grain merchandising, current market bids, and a host of other services.  Please visit their website for more information.

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