Agronomy Services

Chemical Services

  • Top Dress Wheat

  • Fallow, In-Season, and Burndown  Chemical Applications Available

  • C1A Certified

  • Dicamba Compliant



Fertilizer Services

  • Custom Dry Application

  • Precision Dry Application - multiple trips VRT

  • Pick-up at Plant Pricing

  • Direct to Farm Pricing



Precision Services

  • Precision Soil Sampling via GPS

  • Precision Zone Soil Sampling

  • Whole Field Composites

The Agronomy team at Randall Farmers Coop Union can handle all of your chemical and fertilizer spraying needs.

For more information regarding our Agronomy Services, please call:

Ron Sothers

Agronomy Manager


Kaity Reedy

Agromomist / Sales


Randall Farmers Coop Union is a proud part owner of AgMark, LLC. AgMark provides Randall Farmers Coop and others with grain merchandising, current market bids, and a host of other services.  Please visit their website for more information.

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