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Randall Farmers Coop Union
Vision: to continue to be an independent cooperative, finding ways to expand and grow our business that would allow us to generate a return on member's equity for long term success.

Mission Statement: to provide quality service, products and information at a competitive price that creates mutual value for our customers and our cooperative.

History: The Randall Farmers Coop Union has been in business since 1915, starting with a single elevator facility. The Randall Service Station was added in 1985. Randall Coop prospered as a combined elevator and service/fueling station for 15 years, before adding another elevator branch. 

In 2000, Randall Coop purchased the Jewell Agri-Services' elevator and chemical facilities, doubling the Coop's customer base.​ A convenience store was added to the Randall Station facility in 2006 which gave local farmers a place to eat a quick lunch. Jewell's Service Station was added in 2008, and a new facility was built there in 2010. Credit cards accepted and the pumps are open 24/7.

Numerous updates have been done in recent years to add speed, space, and efficiency to our facilities.

Committed to supporting local farmers and communities

Board of Directors

Joey Behrends- President, Randall, KS
Curt Saint- Vice-President, Jewell, KS
Bradley Barrett, Secretary, Randall, KS
Robin Griffeth- Director, Jewell, KS
Nathan Greene- Director, Jewell, KS

Kristin Allen, General Manager


Randall Elevator
101 Walnut
Randall, KS 66963
Fax: 785-739-2313

Jewell Elevator
620 N Sheridan
Jewell, KS 66949
Fax: 785-428-3470

Randall Service Station 
202 2nd St
Randall, KS 66963
Ph: 785-739-2314

Jewell Service Station
210 Main St
Jewell, KS 66949
Ph: 785-428-3328